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Laser Engraving Wood

If it only engraved wooden box, the speed of more than 400, the power in 50 should be enough. But if it needs to be deepened, it should add the power. If it is cut, it should be noted that the wood is flammable and there is a need for someone to look at it at work. Whether carving or cutting, it should ensure the correct focal length, in order to achieve a good effect. Because the wood is oily, the smoke is easy to get the focus lens dirty, it should often be wiped.

Generally speaking, the carving on the wood is usually the yin carving, and the depth of engraving is generally deeper. This power is generally higher, if encountering hard wood, it may make the carving color of the graphics becoming darker. If you want to make the color lighter, you can improve the carving speed, and try to carve several more times. Some of the wood will be engraved with fumes attached to the surfaceof wood, if the wood has been brushed with wet cloth, please wipe it carefully. If it dosen't paint, it may not be wiped clean, resulting in the surface of the finished product defaced.

Laser engraving machine cutting the depth of wood is generally not deep, within 5mm. This is because the power of laser is small, if slow down the speed of cutting will cause wood burning. When you operate this, try using a large size lens and use a repetitive cutting method.
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