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Laser Engraving Stainless Steel

There are two effects of the engraving on stainless steel. One is engraving on the metal surface and the other is engraving through the carving.
  • The engraving on the surface of stainless steel meta is divided into machine laser engraving and etching engraving, laser engraving is to place the stainless steel panel on the surface of the laser engraving machine, and it will engrave automatically. The stainless steel etching sculpture is the design of the engraving pattern placing the carving in the acid corrosion tank after the screen is printed. After 20 minutes of shaking the etching tank, the etching effect will be taken. The engraving effect of acid carve is better, and then taking out to wash with clean water.
  • The penetration engraving of stainless steel needs cutting machine, and the engraved patterns will be imported into the cutting machine, automatically cutting through computer, so that we can carve out the patterns and characters of penetrating effect.
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