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Laser Engraving Leather

As a new processing method, laser engraving process has the advantages of precision, fast operation, simple operation and high degree of automation. It is widely used in leather and textile industry.
Laser engraving machine for leather fabric

Laser engraving machine is widely used in footwear and leather industry. The advantage of laser engraving machine is that it can quickly engraving and hollowing out various of patterns on all kinds of leather fabrics, and is flexible in operation, and will not cause any deformation on the leather surface, so as to reflect the color and texture of leather itself. It has many advantages such as high engraving precision, no rough edges, arbitrary selection, etc. It is suitable for processing manufacturers such as shoe material, leather, handbag, skin suit and so on.

Laser engraving machine is to connect the laser equipment to the laser engraving software, and then enter the drawing for automatic engraving of the operation mode. At present, laser engraving machine is the most mature and the most widely used technology in the field of laser processing. With this technique, any complex figure can be carved. It can be carved with hollow engraving and impenetrable blind grooves, thus carving out various kinds of magic patterns with different shades, different textures, sense of level, and transition color effects. With these advantages, laser engraving caters to the new trend of international garment processing.
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