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Laser Engraving Jewelry

The laser engraving adopts the special imported square guide rail of CNC machine tool, which is rigid, the sliding block belt is pre-tight, no gap, and uses the imported high precision ball screw , and the surface of the engraving is very clean without tool marks. The whole cast steel structure has been long-term used and  maintain high precision.

The laser engraving machine adopts imported circuit chip drive control to ensure high reliability, and the engraving products are relatively exquisite.The laser engraving machine can sculpt fine jewelry products according to the needs of customers, and the efficiency is also high, which can satisfied the needs of the market.

Laser engraving machine is a new kind of engraving equipment, which adds automatic control function to the traditional engraving machine, which saves a part of the staffs' energy and improves the efficiency of production. At the same time, the jewelry products produced by it are also exquisite and popular.

The laser engraving technique is used to type the jewelry, the text size is consistent, the edges are neat, it has simple operation , short time and  good quality.
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