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Laser Engraving Glass

Laser engraving glass and crystal engraving technique are the most advanced and most popular methods of engraving and processing in the world. The semiconductor laser marking machine will pulse YAG laser double frequency,  output wavelength  532 nm green laser,  inner focus in the glass and crystal ,  produce vaporization crack point of micrometer size, then through the computer to control the space position of the bursting point in the glass body, it forms the colorful three-dimensional image inside.

The engraving and processing of laser glass not only makes the image unique, the art style  different, the sculpture  exquisite, image-text is exquisite and gorgeous, or elegant or luxurious, and can satisfy people's increasing aesthetic pursuit. The product market prospect is considerable.

Laser engraving glass technology is mainly used to carve three-dimensional images inside the vitreous bodies, such as flowers, birds, fish, people, beautiful scenery in nature and other various plants and animals. The good optical properties of the crystal make the sculpture exquisite, just as in the sky and water. It is widely used in the production of glass handicrafts, souvenirs, the interior of the decorative glass and fine engraving of surface patterns.
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