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Laser Engraving Acrylic

Acrylic is the most commonly used engraving material that is next only to the wood. It is easily been cut and carved , it has  a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and it is low cost relatively. There are two kinds of production processes of organic glass:casting and calendering. Laser engraving machine is mainly used for casting way to produce organic glass, and it is very white because of the frosting effect generating after the carve of the laser engraving machine., and produce a sharp contrast with the original transparent texture, the glass produced by calendering is still transparent after laser engraving,  and there is not a good enough contrast effect.

In general, the organic glass uses the back carving method, that is,engraving from the front ,looking at the back , which makes the finished product more stereo. In the back carving, please mirror the graphics first, and the speed of carving is fast, and the power is low. If the power of the carving is too high, the unevenness of the stripes will appear on the bottom. If you want to carve deeper, you can try more than a few times. In the case of back carvings, the local coloring should be done more deeply in coloring part, and  polishing with a flame  polishing machine and then fill the color. If it is not polished, the color you see from the front will not be uniform.
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