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Laser Cutting Wood

Since the laser has good coherence, small divergence, and high concentration of energy, laser beam form a heat source with high power density through the focus. Laser cutting wood is used to work with this high-energy heat source. Because the wood can absorb laser energy well, after the wood is illuminated by a focused laser beam, it causes the wood to rise rapidly in a very small volume, to melt, to vaporize, and to blow in the direction of the optical axis, which immediately penetrates the material. This process occurs very quickly, with beams of light moving along the surface of the wood, creating a smooth, continuous cut section.

The processing wood cutting device mainly includes the laser generator, the guiding light system and the table these three parts.
At present, the most widely used for cutting metal and non-metal in production is laser. According to the foreign information, the wood plate cutting thick millimetre or so is generally used for medium power laser. The output power required by the laser is determined by the thickness of the material and the mean width of the incision.
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