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Laser Cutting Plastic

The plastics industry must reduce the cost of production, shorten the development cycle, and improve the core competitiveness of the plastics industry. In the modern processing industry, processing speed, high productive efficient equipment, laser cutting machine is the first choice. But we have a question, can you use laser cutting machine to cut plastic? The answer is yes, not only can it cut but also it is an advantage of it.

"Plastic laser cutting machine" is mainly used to cut all kinds of polymer materials, such as engineering plastics, foam plastics, general plastics and so on. In general, the power of this machine does not need to be too large and the heat is not high, so the cutting amplitude will not be very large.

Accurate cutting, high speed, simple operation, personalized machining process and precision, simulated display of laser head running track, multi path optimization function, the unique automatic typesetting system ensure maximum material saving and cost saving, and is especially suitable for cutting all kinds of fur and leather fabrics.

Advantages of plastic laser cutting processing:

  • Excellent quality of laser cut plastic;
  • Improving the speed of new products' development;
  • Saving the investment in plastic mould.
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