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Laser Cutting Paper

What is the advantage of the hollowed out paper of a laser hollowing machine?Because of laser's four characteristics of high brightness, high direction, high monochrome and high coherence, the laser hollowing has the advantages that other processing methods can't compare with. Because it is non-contact processing and there is no direct impact on the workpiece, so there is no mechanical deformation. Becacuse the laser beam is easy to guide, focus and realize the transformation of direction, it is very easy to cooperate with numerical control system, processing the complex workpieces, so it is a very flexible processing method, the production efficiency is high, the processing quality is stable and reliable, and the economic and social benefits are good.

With the increasing applicaion of laser in various industries, the processing technology on paper of the laser is also increasing, laser
processing has became a huge driving force for the development of greeting card industry. Our company is based on the character of greeting cards, configuring the marking software of professional greeting cards, designing for greeting cards,invitations, paper, paper cutting and other hollowing process of large scale burning flower. The speed of marking is fast, the equipment is easy to operate, and the performance is stable.
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