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Laser Cutting Jewelry

In the 21st century, people seek to be more individualistic while pursuing higher material comforts. This is especially true of the gold and silver jewelry that we wear everyday, but it is also known that the value of gold and silver itself is higher. How can you make a personalized cut of gold and silver jewelry in the case of fully saving material? This is the jewelry laser cutting machine.

The jewelry cutting machine uses a radium laser to create a double-layer precious metal recovery system. Imported fiber laser, high configuration cutting head, high precision rotary servo motor, with professional laser cutting control software, matching automatic following focusing system, when cutting, it can automatically follow the bending of the workpiece to adjust the focus position to ensure the quality of precision cutting. And it has the following characteristics:

Efficient recycling: the original recycling system of jewelry laser cutting machine - fully enclosed double layer protection, cavity cutting and recovery rate of 99.95 %.

High efficiency machining: the cutting precision of jewelry laser cutting machine is high, the speed is fast, the cut seam is narrow, the hot influence area is small, the cutting surface is smooth without burr.
Long service life: the jewelry laser cutting machine uses fiber laser, which can last 100,000 hours.
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