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Laser Cutting Glass

The laser cutting technology of glass has great superiority over traditional cutter-wheel cutting technology, but the industry's acceptance of new technology that replaces traditional mature processes has always been very cautious. Although the laser cutting of glass now has a set of industrial equipments, these devices need a certain amount of time to be popularized and accepted by the user. It is expected that the laser cutting equipment of glass will be widely used in the field of flat panel display first, and then in the windshield cutting field of automobile. In addition to these large-scale productions and processing areas, glass laser cutting technology may also be promoted in some special small-scale applications.

For example, the TFT-LCD general requirement for military or aircraft is square,  but the commercialization of TFT-LCD is 4:3 or 16:9, which requires the selection of the TFT-LCD to be cut down some parts, for which the laser cutting is the best.

In addition, in the need to cut out the curve shape of the glass cutting, laser cutting technology also reflects a great advantage. With the deep understanding of laser technology and the decline of laser price, the laser cutting technology of glass will be widely used in the field of glass production and processing.
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