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Laser Cutting Aluminium

We used the high power continuous CO2 laser processing machine along with some necessary measures to get the results of high processing precision, fast speed and non deformation.

The power, auxiliary oxygen pressure and cutting speed used by laser cutting aluminum plates are wide in scope. The output power ranges from 950 to 1300 W; the auxiliary oxygen pressure ranges from 1.5 to 4kg/cm² with the cutting speed from 0.6meter/minute to 2.5 meter/minute.

Because the melting point of Al2O3 (slag) produced by molten aluminum is up to 2048℃, which is 1380℃ higher than its raw material and the viscosity of aluminum is larger in the melting stage, there are more lower surface slag than carbon steel cut by the laser cutting aluminum plate. So the oxygen pressure are increased so that the slag in the slit is oxidized to the maximum extent and the generated loose oxides can be blown away.

But the high oxygen pressure will accelerate the oxidizing reaction, which makes the notch quality become rough, even causes ablative phenomena. Taking all factors into consideration, we choose the best process parameters as follows. Laser power: 1100 W; cutting rate: 1.5meters/minutes; auxiliary oxygen pressure: 2.5 kg/cm²; nozzle diameter: 2mm; lens focal length 127mm and focus position: -0.8mm. All of the parameters guarantee a good result in accordance with requirements of the drawings. To be more specific, the final product will have smooth incision, less flux of the slag and invariable shape.
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