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Laser Cutting Acrylic

Acrylic laser cutting machine generally has a limitation on the thickness of the material. The domestic laser tube power is generally below 400 watts, and the thickness of the processed material is below 40 mm. Broadly speaking, laser tube power determines the thickness of the processed materials. Sometimes, customers need to add paper or film to cut. At that time, the wind cannot be too small, otherwise it will catch fire. The speed and light intensity must be matched when cutting organic glass. Slow speed does not equal to better smoothness. The organic glass with more than 15 mm better use imported high-power lasers. When choosing plexiglass to engrave, we should use air leakage jet cup. Try not to carve too deep, for it will be difficult to reach evenness of the bottom. Larger the gas, more it will affect the edge effect of the carving. To carve clearly and precisely, we should not carve too deep and blow small wind.

Specific applications include acrylic signboards, organic glass trophies, luminescent word making, crystal word making, plexiglass display rack, transparent box, packing box, etc.

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