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Industry Standards For The Rapid Heating Up Of The Laser Market Are Expected To Be Issued

Dec 19.2017
This year, the overall TV market in the doldrums, laser TV has become the biggest hot this year, more than 80 inches of high-end large screen market broke out, causing the Internet TV brands, brand and brand projection and other enterprises competing influx of rapid warming heat laser market.
In November 23rd, Hisense released new products of 80, 88 and 1004K laser TV, and the 120, 150 S6 series 4K laser cinemas that could set up a home movie and voice room perfectly. Meanwhile, Hisense and China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute jointly launched the "laser TV technology specification" ceremony, CO led the drafting of the first national electronic industry standard of China's laser TV industry.

According to the introduction, the "laser TV technology specification" will standardize the terms of laser TV and the testing methods of product performance and so on, so as to meet the "TV" standard requirements. The specification will be made clear "laser TV" is "the application of laser projection display technology, equipped with special projection screen, can receive broadcast TV or Internet TV equipment", the "Brightness" index to reach the national standard of 250 LCD TV Bennett, so as to ensure the user to obtain reliable image quality while watching television.
Executive vice president of China Video Industry Association Bai Weimin said that the Hisense and Chinese Standard Electronic Technology Research Institute, Chinese Video Industry Association, led the drafting of technical specification of laser TV industry, promote the healthy and orderly development of laser TV industry, it has great significance to the development of the industry and users to protect the value of.
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