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Handheld Marking Machine

The handheld marking machine consists of a laser marking main beam, a hand lifting body, a marking station, an automatic nameplate deliver and an automatic nameplate collector device. The machine can load and unload up and down manually, and mark automatic.

The working principle of handheld marking machine:

1. The initial state of opening machine is that the above and below cylinder of suction disc, the left and right cylinder of suction disc, and the push cylinder are all retracting. The step motor runs through the rod to move the discharge part to the lower limit.

2. Manually put the numbered nameplates neatly in the material box (each time put another more 50 sheets, 1 MM/ sheets), press the start button.

3. The step motor runs through the rod and moves the nameplate upward. When the stepping motor senses that the mark is in right place, it stops running. The laser begins to automatically mark.

4. After the completion of the marking, the left and right cylinder are out of suction disc, and the suction disc moves to the marking nameplate. Vacuum the suction disc, the above and below cylinder is out of the suction disc, and the nameplate will be sucked. When the vacuum sensor induces the vacuum in place (that is, the nameplate has been sucked), the up and down cylinder of suction disc will be back to the upper limit, the suction disc shrink back and move to the discharging material place. The suction disc releases the vacuum and the nameplate falls down.

5. The nameplate falls on the inclined slot of the receiving slot and automatically slides into the receiving box, repeat the steps of 3 to 5 until all nameplates marking complete.

6. When the nameplate is all marked, the alarm is sent out when the missing probe is sensed there is no nameplate. In the same time, the feeding tank automatically returns to the bottom to wait for the next loading.

The main performance of hand marking machine:

It can print arbitrary graphics and Chinese and English characters on all kinds of materials, and can be adjusted and edited. It can automatically print date and flow circle chuck diameter code, VIN code. It can be used in a communication network. The two-dimension worktable adopts precise mold casting, linear rolling guide, self-sealing, self-lubricating bearing, it has high reliability.

Application: It is suitable for all kinds of metal and non-metal cylindrical. And it can achieve automatic marking of the conical parts around the direction.
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