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GEM LASER LIMITED Participates In Shanghai Industrial Expo

Sep 04.2017

From November 5, 2013 to November 9th, the 15th China international industrial expo was held at the Shanghai new international expo center. The equipment on display of GEM LASER company at this exhibition includes the newly developed GEMQG-100 lamp pump laser welding machine and GEMQG-3015F optical fiber laser cutting machine, And the GEMQG-3015L laser cutting machine, which has been selling well. Laser welding and fiber laser cutting equipment are also warmly welcomed by customers. The advertisement of GEM LASER company's laser cutting and laser welding cooperation has attracted many viewers to watch. This exhibition, the effect is good, after the last Shanghai industry fair, the exhibition site once again reached agreement with the customer on the spot and signed a aluminum alloy laser cutting equipment. This puts a full stop to the Shanghai exhibition.


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