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Gem Holds The Tea Party For

Jun 07.2017

On the afternoon of March 7, GEM held a tea party to celebrate the international women's day, all female employees gathered together, enjoyable, saying today and looking forward to tomorrow.

Simplicity, warmth, sincerity and laughter are the main themes of the tea party. In a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, you can speak freely, from yesterday to today's harvest, and then look forward to tomorrow's plan; How to juggle career and family responsibilities and how to deal with the relationship between family and colleagues; From personal progress to the development of enterprises, they also put forward their opinions and suggestions for the development of the company. The tea party also played the video of aerobics, and taught you how to shape your body. While keeping a good body, the women could also have a healthy body. At the meeting, the company gave my fellow women the best wishes for the holiday and gave them the holiday consolation money.

This tea party provided us opportunities and platforms of an exchange of ideas, communication and emotion, which greatly arouse the enthusiasm and initiative of the work. We all spoke freely and together, we spent a relaxing and happy holiday together. I hope your fellow women are dedicated and devoted to the career and family, as well as self-respect, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement. With a more full enthusiasm, the best work status to create new achievements in their respective positions!

women's day

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