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Desktop Laser Cutting Machine

Application of desktop laser cutting machine:

1. It can cut and punch any graphics character.
2. Desktop laser cutter has advanced solid-state laser technology, and its light path is stability.
3. The air duct equipment can be connected with the dusting system.
4. CNC technology is equipped with special intelligent programming software.
5. Numerical control system can control the pressure and flow of auxiliary gas.
6. The laser output is not affected by temperature, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency is high.
7. The precision transmission mechanism is corrected by laser instrument and can achieve high accuracy.
8. Small slit, small taper, smooth appearance, flat and beautiful.
9.High power servo drive, maximum 12 m/min high speed operation, precise positioning and cutting.
10. Desktop cnc laser cutter is suitable for cutting small and medium-sized plates. It can cut and punch many kinds of metal sheets and some nonmetals.
11. Compared with the C02 laser cutting machine with the same performance, the purchasing cost is only about 1/4, and the cost per hour is only about 1/8.

Performance of tabletop laser cutting machine:

Laser medium: Nd+3: YAG
Laser wavelength: 1064 nm
Injection power: 18 KW
output power: 300-500 W
pulse width: 0.3-10 ms
Pulse frequency: 1-300 Hz
Cutting thickness: 0.2-6 nm(according to specific material)
Minimum purity: 0.15 mm
Cutting material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.
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