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Laser processing technology has many advantages compared with the traditional processing technology, so it has been widely used. Especially suitable for the development of new products: once the product drawings are formed, the laser processing can be carried out immediately, and the new products can be obtained in the shortest possible time.

1. small light spot, energy concentration, small heat affected zone.
2. no contact with the workpiece, no pollution to the workpiece.
3. Without electromagnetic interference, it is more convenient to use than electron beam processing.
4. The laser beam is easy to focus and guide, so it is easy to control automatically.
5. a wide range: almost any material engraving cutting.
6. safe and reliable: using non-contact processing, will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material.
7. accurate and meticulous: machining accuracy can reach 0.1mm.
8. the effect is consistent: to ensure that the same batch of processing effect is almost the same.
9. high speed and quick: can immediately according to the computer output pattern for high-speed engraving and cutting, and laser cutting speed and wire cutting speed is much faster.
10. low cost: not limited by the number of processing, for small batch processing services, laser processing cheaper.
11. cut small: laser cutting slot in general 0.1-0.2mm.
12. cutting surface is smooth: laser cutting surface without burr.
13. small thermal deformation, laser processing, laser cutting fine speed, energy concentration, so the material to be cut to the small amount of heat, caused by the deformation of the material is also very small.
14. suitable for processing products: mold manufacturing products cost is very high, the laser processing without any mold manufacturing, laser processing and completely avoid the formation of the material cutting edge collapse, can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises to improve product quality.
15. saving materials: laser processing using computer programming, you can put the material cutting products with different shapes, to maximize the material utilization rate, greatly reduce the material cost.

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