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PCB Laser Marking And Tracing

The advent of the 5G era has also put forward higher requirements for the research and development, production and management capabilities of PCB enterprises. Enterprises must provide more cost-effective products to the market at a faster speed. Improving the efficiency of product management traceability has also become a key link.

A product from the warehouse, production, testing, out of warehouse, need to establish a complete data traceability system to achieve internal product quality control. In order to achieve product traceability, the product must be labeled with text or bar code to give the product a unique "identity card".

The traceability marking process on the PCB board includes two ways: screen printing and laser marking. Silk printing has problems such as easy to fall off, easy to remove, rough marking, and pollute the environment. With the development of portable electronic products toward miniaturization, high integration and portability, the pad and spacing are becoming smaller and smaller, which makes the printing alignment more difficult.

Laser marking, with its accuracy and flexibility, can overcome the traditional processing methods easy to fall off, processing accuracy is not high technical defects, will play a pivotal role in the PCB board industry.

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