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Laser Marking in the Medical Industry

The medical sector is a crucial industry made up of many moving parts. While it involves the hospitals, walk-in centres and medication that we are more familiar with, behind all of this are manufacturing processes just like in the aerospace or automotive industries.

With the creation of items such as tools, test tubes and medication needing to be of the highest level of quality and safety, it is important that the right processes are used throughout. Laser marking is just one of these methods that is heavily utilised; we’ve explored this in more detail below.

Laser marking & engraving of medical devices

Medical laser marking and medical laser etching service is related to the life and health of the people, and the prevention of false security has become the most important thing to protect the health and safety of consumers. For example, the food and Drug Administration (FDA) implementation of the medical product identification regulations, mandatory requirements and equipment products all need to have the unique identification code (UDI), that is to say, drugs and medical equipment parts are required to mark.Laser marking medical devices is more and more important for medical industry.

Demand for medical product manufacturers

In the medical industry, the identification mark is mainly embodied in the aspects of drugs and medical equipment. Because the ink jet marking method is easy to fall off, it is tampered with, and often because of the paint containing toxic substances and environmental pollution and other factors, do not meet the safety standards of the medical profession. In this environment, the medical industry urgently needs a product that is good for product management and safety and environmental protection, so as to prevent bad merchants from mixing unhealthy medical products into hospitals and endangering human health. Therefore, the use of "no touch" processing, green environmental protection, anti fall off the new generation of marking methods, laser marking - a new technology to subvert the medical industry.

Laser marking brings benefits to the medical industry

Laser marking removal processing methods for the physical, to break out of the product label is not easy to wear, can not be changed, with the security and uniqueness of strong, easy to achieve a "one of a code, has brought great benefits to medical products manufacturer. It and medical device product traceability system perfect collocation, can the maximum extent to achieve product safety and controllable, avoid product tampering phenomenon.
Laser marking brings benefits to the medical industry

The application of laser marking on drugs

Laser marking equipment can be easily carried out in the box or drug packaging  QR code and drug labeling code, to help products trace the source, with authenticity, traceability. Through the laser marking out the drug code, to help the drug administration departments fully monitor the production, delivery, circulation, transportation, savings, distribution and other processes.
The application of laser marking on drugs

Application of laser marking in medical equipment

Marking machine in stainless steel surgical and dental equipment and other medical equipment marked by laser, easier to read, after numerous disinfection and cleaning marks still visible, but also can effectively prevent the bacterial adhesion on the surface of equipment.
Application of laser marking in medical equipment
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