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Laser processing is the process of laser acting on the surface of an object to change its shape or performance.. As one of the most potential and promising applications of laser, it has a rapid development and a wide range of uses. Besides microelectronics, other technologies can not be compared with. Laser machining has quite a lot of advantages, some of which are not available in traditional machining methods. Therefore, laser processing in the locomotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace, materials, microelectronics, even clothing and other industries have a very common application of. In the field of materials and laser processing and laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling and laser marking etc. using, greatly promote the material industry development and progress, has become one of the indispensable materials in the field of processing.

The principle of laser processing is to irradiate the workpiece surface by high energy laser beam, so that it can be gasified instantaneously, and the purpose of cutting and marking can be achieved. In the use of different materials in the process of laser processing, laser type selection are not the same, such as cutting carbon steel materials, using fiber laser; plastic materials using CO2 laser cutting; cutting FPC by UV laser, and the general selection of green laser cutting PCB. In the marking process, because the premise of material marking depth material generally without special requirements, most of the material can be used in fiber lasers, and some special industries, such as chip industry, using ultraviolet laser more.
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