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Laser Marking Of Stainless Steel In The Medical Industry

Laser Engraving, Etching and Marking of Metals
The medical industry has used laser technology to mark medical equipment for years. The reliability and durability of laser marking has brought great benefits to medical equipment companies. However, laser marking and engraving still have room for improvement and quality control in the medical industry and increasing the volume of production.Metal engraving machine for sale,please contact our sales team to get what you want.

Laser Marking machine or laser engraving machine in stainless steel surgical and dental equipment and other medical equipment marked by laser, easier to read, after numerous disinfection and cleaning marks still visible, but also can effectively prevent the bacterial adhesion on the surface of equipment.

A complete set of solutions is available to achieve permanent device identification (UDI) for stainless steel equipment. It provides non polluting, sub surface markings with very high contrast, and does not cause corrosion / passivation and fading in conventional hot laser marking.

Laser Marking Of Stainless Steel In The Medical Industry

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