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Laser Products

Laser Engraving

Deep Engraving → Surface Structuring
1 Deep Engraving → Surface Structuring In laser deep engraving, deep markings/engravings are made through repeated removal of material layers.
Thus, this procedure involves layer-wise, laser-induced engraving deep into the material. Repeated removal is brought about through melting or vaporization of the material as a result of the thermal laser energy.
The depth of the engraving depends on the parameters that have been set. With the help of FOBA's online deep engraving, the material removal (actual depth) is measured several times and compared with the target engraving depth during the engraving process. The remaining removal is recalculated, the number of layers still to be engraved is automatically adjusted and the subsequent layers are removed. The engraving depth is precisely controlled and executed down to a few micrometers, enabling exact adherence to defined relief height. GEM laser engraving process means high quality and economical.
Surface Structuring → Deep Engraving
2 Surface Structuring → Deep Engraving Previously defined (micro) structures and textures are marked on work piece surfaces (injection mold tools and embossing tools) using a laser engraving machine. 
This involves direct materials processing either of the end product or the embossing tool or die. The process of surface texturing, which is used to apply structures, is used for the purpose of creating visual effects.
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