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Laser Engraving, Etching and Marking of Glass

Today, construction, daily use, medical treatment, chemistry, home, electronics, instruments, nuclear engineering and other fields are widely used glass products.Glass laser engraving is very popular in the world,sometimes, we called laser etched glass.Glass has a fragile property, so engraving on the surface of glass products requires a high degree of technology. Laser marking machine is non-contact processing, processing time is short, marking lines fine, it is suitable for glass material surface pattern or text information mark.At the same time,we have laser cut glass machine for sale. The use of lasers on glass is marked in the following ways;

Multiple laser radiation method
Using a laser radiation generated in the glass surface marker profile obviously, a few days after the laser is extended to the original tag area near the outside into fragments, then the number of radiation, so that adjacent regions with marked regional is heated by heat conduction, so that these areas form a stress gradient, thereby reducing the two rupture possibility is very effective with this method of marking in sodium calcium glass and borosilicate glass. Small glass bottles filled with liquid medicine and glass in life can be marked by this method.Our glass laser engraving machine is popular in the market.

Discrete points are formed by cyclic crack method
Use a series of ring cracks to form text, bar codes, squares or rectangles, and other shape codes. The general use of this method is the use of CO2 laser marking machines, and the CO2 laser marking machine sets a glass marking and code parameters, resulting in fewer cracks. Discrete points appear to form annular cracks. Glass is produced by heating and cooling cycles to produce low density annular cracks. When glass is heated, it expands and extrudes the surrounding material. When the temperature rises to the point of softening of the glass, the glass expands rapidly to form a dome of the protruding glass surface of a low-density material. Using CO2 laser marking machine, merchants can mark beautiful patterns and patterns on glass surface and deduct glass grades from commission.Cracking surface crack method. The process of heating and cooling changes the surface of the glass, which is not immediately visible, but begins to produce a tortoise shaped crack along the laser mark area after a little pressure.

Cracking on the surface of the glass
glass is not only safe, but also to the ice non transparent effect, so it is widely used in indoor decoration, such as partition, background wall, also can be used for glass furniture, loved by consumers.

Online marking machine on glass
the laser beam can form very fine, fine marking on the glass material, any complex text, graphics, images, trademarks, LOGO, bar codes, two-dimensional code, batch number, signature and so on, are available through the laser marking machine to complete
Laser engraving using a CO2 laser marker on a drinking glass. This application is typically used for the manufacture of glass wares for the gastronomy and housekeeping sectors. Typical marking contents are company logos or sparkling marks as well as calibration marks.We focus on laser printing on glass for about 20 years.Our laser marking glass is the standard of the glass industry.
By the way, there are CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine and green laser marking machine in the glass marking/engraving .Glass laser machine is developed everyday,we will do our best to provide the products and solutions for the worldwide customers.

Glass laser engraving machine sale
Our glass laser engraving machine is hot sales.Please contact our sales team to get more information.
Laser Engraving, Etching and Marking of Glass
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