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Laser Products

Laser Marking in the Electronics & Semiconductors Industry

Laser marking is a highly versatile and adaptable process, offering numerous advantages to its users, so it’s unsurprising that it is used by so many industries around the world. One such area is the semiconductor industry; you’ll find more information below on how laser marking aids this sector.
Printed Circuit Board
1 Printed Circuit Board Circuit boards and electronic components are marked with permanent, solder-resistant and machine-readable laser markings, in order to guarantee accurate identification and traceability, which in turn guarantees a flawless quality assurance process across the entire life cycle chain and the process. 
Typical marking contents range from complex 2D-data matrix codes to alphanumeric characters and customized contents.
2 Housing Most of the housings that are used for electrical or electronic components must, due to reasons that relate to traceability, quality assurance and trademark protection, be marked: with simple alphanumeric codes, complex 2D codes, logos or customized data.
Laser marking is a cost-efficient and secure marking process that satisfies these requirements. The quality of the markings is high, the imprinted characters are easy to trace and most of the materials that are used to build housings can be marked with the laser

Electricity Meter Housing with Individualized Barcode
3 Electricity Meter Housing with Individualized Barcode The black coating layer that is applied to the lower part of an electricity meter’s aluminum housing is removed, and the marking becomes visible as an individual barcode. The barcode that is applied with the help of a laser is machine-readable and can be read by a scanner.

SMD Component
4 SMD Component SMD components are getting smaller and smaller, along with the markings that they carry, which must be applied with a high degree of precision.
High precision-laser marking fine precision and non-contact processing, the surface of the material can be below 0.1mm and 0.5mm within the string of characters or numbers, especially suitable for the requirements of electronic chips tiny graphics and text marking.
High performance - electronic chip production capacity, high degree of automation, laser inkjet equipment to reserve more interfaces, can be automated with the product line control system to achieve docking, so that production control more intelligent.
High efficiency electronic chip for marking quality and clarity, permanent high requirements, laser marking function chip permanent clear marking, not because of the high temperature, pH, friction and external factors fade mark.
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