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Daily Use Industry

As the leader of laser industry, GEMLASER aims to promote the application of laser marking machine in industries and provide the full range of solutions.

The latest laser solution of GEMLASER can help the enterprise respond to the market rapidly. With a new marking method, the solution highlights the characteristics of the products and the differences of the brands, enhances the competitiveness of the products, shortens the upgrade period of products and provides powerful tools for flexible production.

In daily-use necessities, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals packing, the main processing machines are inkjet marking machine and laser marking machine. By analyzing the production enterprise operating costs and typical examples, and comparing these two methods, customers will realize the development tendency.

Laser Marking Machine

Compared with inkjet marking and industrial inkjet marking, the laser marking is more advanced. The application of laser marking machine begins in recent years and develops very quickly. It greatly solves the problems of traditional inkjet marking machine, and offers much more flexibility and reliability, is suitable for all kinds of soft packaging materials.Inkjet marking equipment is instead by laser marking machine.

Principle: Laser marking is local irradiation in substances with high energy laser beam to make it evaporate rapidly and color change by physical or chemical reaction. With the method of computer cartography, laser processing can make all kinds of graphics and wordings. So the laser marking is the safest food marking equipment.

Advantages of Laser Marking Machine

  • Reduce production costs and materials, improve production efficiency;
  • Good security effect;
  • Production dates and batch numbers markings are good for product tracking;
  • With mature industrial design and stable and reliable performance, the laser marking machine can conduct 24 hours continuous working and last 20,000 hours maintenance-free time;
  • Without producing any harmful chemical substances, it is a high-tech and environmentally friendly products;
  • Spray a large amount of datum in a small range and mark on product materials with extremely thin beam;
  • Ensure the production site clean, and reduce the late-input and noise pollution.

Daily Use Industry
Laser Products
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