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Color Laser Marking On Stainless Steel

Laser Engraving, Etching and Marking of Metals
Laser color marking makes the appearance of the patterns more diversified. The objects are engraved with NOT a single color, and the color gradation is enhanced. The image is vivid, and the quality of the product is improved. It is an innovation of the traditional process. Since then, the application range of laser color marking has been expanding, and it has become a new kind of technological means to enhance the added value of products.

Stainless steel in laser heat source under the action of surface to generate colored oxide, or generate a layer of colorless transparent film due to optical thin film interference effect and showed a variety of colors, this is the basic principle of stainless steel color marking, is simple in the laser under the action of the surface of stainless steel produced by laser thermal effect, laser the energy, the surface of stainless steel is also showing a different color.

Chemical coloring, Electrochemical Coloring and other traditional color on stainless, which is high energy consumption and pollution, it is difficult to achieve fine coloring, our stainless steel color laser marking has unique advantages.
  • Green environmental protection, pollution-free;
  • High marking speed, marking patterns can be permanently retained;
  • Easy edit various text patterns, convenient and easy to operate.
The color of stainless steel used in construction, cars, arts and crafts etc. today, laser colorful marking provides a new and efficient solution for people, add a new color for stainless steel products, is a good option to enhance the value-added products.

Color Laser Marking On Stainless Steel
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