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Aviation & Aerospace

With high efficiency, low consumption, short flow, high performance, digital and intelligent features, laser manufacturing technology has broad prospects in national defense, aviation and aerospace fields.

In view of the present situation, we will take advantages of laser manufacturing technology, change the present situation of aviation industry, and form a new generation of laser manufacturing industry chain eventually. As an industry leader, HGLASER is committed to providing a full set of processing production line in aviation industry, such as high power laser welding, high power laser cutting & drilling, laser surface treatment technology and low power laser micro processing series.

Our Solution

High Power Laser Welding

Widely used in airplanes, aluminum alloy is the main material of carrier rocket and spacecraft. By comparison of traditional welding and laser welding, the advantages of laser technology will be very visible.High power laser welding makes everything possible.

Traditional Welding

Laser Welding

Low speed, high heat input and heat deformation; Decrease of ductility and toughness; Welding joints will produce air holes, cracks, and embrittlement.

Fast speed, small heat input and heat deformation; Small welding joints and structural distortion; Automation and precision control; Emergency stop and restart in fast-speed welding.

Laser Welding in Alloy Wallboard of Airplane
  • Reasons of using filler wire welding: Aluminum and aluminum alloy have low intensity at high temperature, liquid aluminum has good flow performance, welding metal will cause collapse in welding.
  • Advantages: Low requirement about joint precision, high intensity.
  • The principle of material choice: The purity of pure aluminum welding wire is not less than or close to base metal. And the content of corrosion resistant elements (such as Mg, Mn, Si, etc) is not less than base metal. Heterogeneous aluminum welding should choose welding wire with high corrosion resistant and high intensity.

High Power Laser Cutting & Drilling

Laser cutting & drilling application is widely used in aviation industry.
  • Many materials can be cut with laser in aviation industry, such as titanium alloys, nickel alloys, chromium alloys, aluminum alloys, beryllium oxide, stainless steels, plastics, etc;
  • Laser cutting can be used in aircraft skin, honeycomb structure, frame, wing, empennage wallboard, main rotor of helicopter, engine crankcast, flame tube, etc;
  • YAG and CO2 laser are often used in laser cutting, sometimes high repetition CO2 pulse laser.

High power laser surface heat treatment

Laser Quenching

Laser Cladding

Laser quenching utilizes high power laser to quickly scan workpiece surface and absorb energy, so as to reach high temperature and complete low temperature quenching instantly. High-speed heating and cooling, high hardness, short processing cycle, high efficiency, high automation and no pollution.

Laser cladding utilizes laser new technology to repair old equipments. It is a kind of remanufacturing and recycling engineering. Based on old equipments, laser cladding restores and enhances equipment utilization, so as to save resources, protect environment and achieve sustainable development. It is widely used in electricity, metallurgy, mechanical industry, etc.

Aviation & Aerospace
Laser Products
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