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Company Culture

Since the company was founded in 1996, after more than 20 years, Insist on R&D in Laser products, Classic brand achievement.
GEM LASER LIMITED located in “Laser center in China” —— Wuhan, Hubei.

Customers at Our Core - People Who Listen
Continuously improve our service by listening to our customers through every step of their journey. Customers are our past, present and future.

Innovation - People Who Invent
Create new products and "new ways of working" through imaginative and smart ideas.

Teamwork - People Who Work Together
Work together to surpass expectations, deliver against objectives and provide solutions. Improve cross-department performance by regular and proactive 360° communication.

Learning - People Who Achieve
Learn everything you can, everywhere you can, anytime you can - realise your potential. No Limits!

Respect - People Who Care
Communicate with integrity and understanding whilst considering our impact on others. Listen and support - fairness is a given.
GEMMING is our registered trademark, means gemstone and Reliability.

The company's internal newspapers
The company's internal newspapers "GEM" Report
"GEM" newspaper as GEM internal publications, publicity GEM enterprise culture, spirit GEM, GEM record growth. Since its first publication in 2002, the monthly issue has been held for more than 10 years. " GEM " newspaper has become an important part of the spiritual and cultural life of GEM.

Laser Products
  • TEL:+86-27-84793136
  • ADDRESS:No.442, Wuluo Road, South Central International City A2 Block, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China