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Smart Life 2.0: What Does Smart Life Look Like In Electronic Payment?

Aug 22.2018
Wisdom Life 2.0: The Wisdom Life of Electronic Payment Construction "Five years ago, when people paid with sweeping codes, it must have been very interesting and super-intelligent because the concept of Wisdom goes beyond your knowledge. And now people think that sweeping payment is natural, even the old rural wives can, you will not find this new thing. Geng Zhijun, vice president of Tencent and head of WeChat payment, said in an interview recently. What does life look like?

Instead of reaching the bottleneck stage, it entered the outbreak phase.

WeChat payment and Alipay users have reached a large volume, data show that WeChat's ability to pay has penetrated into more than 80 major industries, and hundreds of small sub sectors.

"Originally thought that 2018 may be the top, because there is already a lot of volume, but did not expect 2018 data show that Weixin payment is still in a rapid growth period."

On the one hand, WeChat's payment is sinking very fast. "From the first tier cities to the new front-line cities, down to the first level." Geng Zhijun said. In the course of the downturn, there is also an interesting phenomenon: "Before the population returned from the first-tier cities to the third-tier and fourth-tier cities, the three-tier and fourth-tier cities Wechat payment data decreased. But now that the population has returned, the local data have not declined but have continued to climb, suggesting that the locals have learned to spread themselves.

On the other hand, WeChat pays more and more scenes. "The application of various scenes is the outbreak period this year. For example, parking, license plate two-dimensional code recognition is very popular this year, and last year, the year before the very few, "Geng Zhijun said.

Putting aside the data, we can see that this is true in real life: Wechat payment has brought more and more "natural" scenes, such as to the restaurant buffet, to the supermarket scanner shopping and so on. Obviously, the scope of Weixin Payment is no longer about the payment itself, but how to make the life of users more convenient. For businesses, WeChat payment is also helping them continuously improve productivity.

Smart Life 2.0: What Is The Wisdom Life In The Future?
The focus of this year's development is to improve the efficiency of merchants in the payment scenario, while refining some features. Geng Zhijun hopes that "by combining the ability of Weixin to pay, small program and other Weixin capabilities, they can be found in each industry, so that each industry becomes different."

For example, when a customer ordered in a restaurant, the waiter stood by, invisibly creating a sense of oppression. And a series of scenarios around Wechat payment, for businesses, the waiters and cashiers saved will directly reduce costs, can also avoid the manual order brought about by the "wrong order" and "wrong dish delivery" problem.

In addition to self-help ordering, scan code purchase and WeChat high speed payment are also more and more accepted by users. At the same time, WeChat is now considering 2 of smart life, exploring different directions. "It's a challenge, but it's also very interesting." Geng Zhijun said frankly.

The application of data based on two-dimensional code will release the ability of electronic payment more in the future. For example, the smart retail "sweep shop": now we scan a bottle of the simplest mineral water, the most basic function is to understand its price; and if it is a non-standardized product, such as a bottle of beverage has never seen, sweep it can also understand what its function or unique characteristics. For example, for some products in the food and pharmaceutical industry, many products have been able to sweep through the two-dimensional code backtracking system to sweep out the various information in the production, trading and circulation of products. In the future, this traceability system can be fully integrated with the user payment system, so that not only the source can be traced, but also to achieve the whereabouts can be traced, but also to collect large data of the entire process of goods. In the near future, it may even allow users and goods to interact with each other by sweeping code.

The premise of smart life is to achieve effective two-dimensional code markings on various commodities in various fields. This requires that the marking equipment can efficiently achieve one thing one code, marking clear (to ensure the recognition rate of two-dimensional code), marking persistent (not easy to fall off, not easy to tamper with). With the development of science and technology, the increasingly mature laser marking machine has been able to achieve these requirements very well. The Flying series online laser marking machine of Huagong laser covers CO2, optical fiber, ultraviolet three models, to meet the code requirements of various industries and materials, has become another technological innovation to help intelligent life.

Digital Products And Science Have Changed People'S Lives Together. What Do You Think?

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