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4.0 Era Of PCB Marking: How Does Laser Technology Replace Screen Printing?

Jul 23.2018
Following the pace of the 4 era of industry, the laser marking is also constantly making a breakthrough, gradually replacing the traditional silk screen processing and bringing new vitality to the manufacturing industry in a more convenient way. Among them, the development of the related industries, represented by PCB circuit board, is especially inseparable from the innovative application of laser marking. The precision and flexibility of laser marking make up the shortage of silk printing processing. It has gradually become the best tool for PCB marking, and has always played an important role in the circuit board industry.

As one of the most important components in the modern electronic component industry, PCB board is almost applied to all electronic products, and is called "the mother of electronic system products". With the continuous development of smart phone technology and wearable electronics technology, intelligent, light and small into the mainstream, manufacturers have more and more stringent production requirements for the PCB PCB in these electronic products. In order to better realize product quality information control, the information traceability system, such as character, bar code and two-dimensional code on the PCB board, came into being.

Traditional screen printing, using a good graphics screen, the use of external pressure to make character inks from the mesh of a part of the net holes through, and leaking on the surface of the circuit board. The rest of the net plate on the screen will be blocked, not through the ink, only on the surface of the circuit board to form a blank, printing ink under the formation of words, signs, patterns, and so on. In this way, the price is relatively cheap and the processing speed is faster, but there are some shortcomings such as rough marking, easy to fall off, PCB board which can not be marked with small amplitude, and chemical raw materials with certain toxicity.

Laser marking is the use of high-energy density laser irradiation on the PCB board, so that the surface material vaporization or discoloration, leaving a permanent mark. This non-contact machining can display very clear two-dimensional code in very small size, ensuring high accuracy and ensuring high quality. At the same time, the laser marking will not be worn because of the high and low temperature, the acid alkali change and the external friction, and it does not need the aid of chemical substances. It has no negative effect on the safety and environment of the personnel.

PCB special laser marking machine has better precision and flexibility, can make up for the shortage of silk printing processing, greatly improve production efficiency and good product rate, reduce cost and reduce pollution. At present, it has been widely used in many fields, such as digital products, wearable equipment, car circuit board and so on.
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